Soil-Structure Interaction Effects in Floodwalls


Mete Oner, William P. Dawkins,

Professors, School of Civil Engineering, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK

Reed Mosher,

Research Civil Engineer, Information Technology Laboratory, U.S. Army Engineer, Waterways Experiment Station, Vicksburg, MS.


Issam Hallal

Structural Engineer, Ralph M. Parsons Co., Pasadena, CA



Behavior of floodwall systems is studied by a comprehensive analysis procedure to understand the soil-structure interaction mechanisms involved in these systems. The procedure uses the finite element method equipped with suitable models of the soil-structure interface, nonlinear soil behavior, and loading sequence. A full scale test, performed by the New Orleans District, U.S. Corps of Engineers, on a test section near an existing levee was used for verification of the analytical model. The analytical tool permitted the study of a variety of floodwall/levee configurations to obtain information on the behavior of floodwalls leading to the development of improved design-oriented analysis procedures.

Keywords: Analysis, Soft Clays, Sheetpiles, Deformation< floodwalls, sheetpiles, soil-structure interaction, finite element method

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