Application of Fractal Theory in Analyzing Character of Joints and Cracks Inside a Rock-mass

Fu Helin, Li Liang, and Liu Baochen

Civil Engineering College, Changsha Railway University, China

Hou Zhengmeng and K-H Lux

Claustahal Technological University, Germany


Fractal Geometry is a theory to analysis nonlinear phenomena, which has been founded in recent 10 years. It regards irregular geometry as research objects, it was founded by B.B Mandelbrot in 1976. He thought, fractal dimension could applied in disposing of crack and irregular problems, it is beyond concept of traditional integral dimension. According to research results, rockmass structure appears irregular, factually it has formal regularity, i.e. self similar statistics, it is a typical structure. So this paper apply fractal geometry in analyzing characters of rockmss, and obtain good results.

KEYWORDS: Fractal Geometry, Irregular Problems, analysis characteristics of rockmass


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