We at ejge are excited to bring you this very interesting digital movie. The movie mincone, that accompanies this paper is very informative, professionally produced, and above all, presents the arrival of an exciting new era in geotechnical engineering. The movie is in MPEG format, i.e., most computers can play it. This note is provided for the readers to estimate the downloading duration for the movie file.

The mincone.mpg file is 83.2 MegaBytes (87,291,816 bytes). If you are connected to the Internet by a T3 line (55 Mbps line), as most universities and larger corporations in the USA are, then it may take no more than 15 seconds to download it when the Internet traffic is not too crowded. If you have a faster or slower connection, the downloading time will vary accordingly (see the table below). For example, with a regular 56 Mbps modem, it will take 15 minutes (minimum theoretical speed). These do not depend on the Web server, these depend on the slowest link in your connection to the Internet.

T3 55 Mbps 15 sec
T1 1.2 Mbps 11.5 min
DSL or 'cable modem' 1 Mbps 15 min
Slow DSL or cable 100 kbps 145 min
Regular modem 56 kbps 4.2 hours

(*) minimum theoretical times. Mbps: Megabits per second, MBps: Megabytes per second
kbps: kilobits per second, kBps: kilobytes per second
One byte contains 8 data bits, but count 10 because of the start and stop-bits in transmission.

If you are ready, here is the place to download it.