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Volume 7 - 2002

Bundle A

Bundle A

Paper available Behavior of Interacting Parallel Strip Footings

    Mien Jao et al.

Paper available Shotcreting in Rock Excavation and its Adhesion Strength

    Dheeraj Kumar et al.

Paper available Performance of Mixed-Clay as Core Material of Earth Dams

    S. M. Mir M. Hosseini

Paper available Contact Stress and Settlement of Circular Footing Subjected to Symmetric Loading

    Igor Hrnčić

Paper available Graphs for the Design of Laterally Loaded Piles in Clay

    A. Alem and A. Benamar

Paper available Residual Shear Strength of Landslide Soils by Presheared Flush Testing for Stability Quantification

    Georges B. Kakou, Hideyoshi Shimizu, and Shinichi Nishimura

Paper available A Model for Coupled Moisture and Heat Flow in Unsaturated Soil

    S. Kim and Andrew G. Heydinger

Paper available Discrete Layer Analysis of Laterally Loaded Piles

    C. Y. Lee

Paper available Evaluation of Tunneling-Induced Downdrag on End-Bearing Piles

    J. S. Yang, and M. C. Wang

Bundle B

Bundle B

Paper available Estimating some Pore-Related Properties of Limestone from Bulk Density and Water Absorption Data

    Basem K. Moh'd

Paper available Collapsible Soil: a Theoretical and Experimental Study

    Marcos M. Futai and Marcio S. S. Almeida

Paper available Modification of Block Theory and Its Application

    Fu Helin et al.

Paper available Velocity Method for Creep of Clayey Soils

    Sudhir Tewatia et al.

Paper available Dynamic Forces in Slabs of Concrete-Faced Rockfill Dams

    Nasim Uddin

Paper available Physical and Mechanical Characteristics of Bringelly Shale

    Ezzat William

Paper available Studies on Instance Based Learning Models for Liquefaction Potential Assessment

    Sudhirkumar V. Barai et al.

Abstract available Cut-and-Cover Tunneling in the Light Rail Transit System, Adana, Turkey

    Ergül Yaşar et al.
    Abstract only.

Paper available A Laboratory Study to Establish Some Useful Relationships for the Use of Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

    Karunaprema and Edirisinghe

Bundle C

Bundle C

Paper available Supervision of Piling Works

    Sayeed Ahmed

Paper available Application and Analysis of the Sparse Pile Support for Foundations

    An Guanfeng and K. Yin

Paper available Evaluation of Steel Pipe Pile Length Performance in Sand Based on Load Test Results

    Mohamed Awad

Paper available Deformation Characteristics of Coastal Plain Sands at a Water Treatment Plant Site, Calabar, South-Eastern Nigeria

    Esu Obukho and Abidemi Olujide Ilori

Paper available A Record of Pile Load Test and Ground Improvement within the Coastal Plain Sands, Southeastern Nigeria

    Akwagiobe, Becket, Ilori

Abstract only A Methodology for Identification of Poroviscoelastic Models of Soft Soil

    Chin Leo

Paper available Safety Concerns in Geotechnical Engineering - 3D Crack Monitoring

    Sudhir Kumar Tewatia and Krishnaswamy Venkatachalam

Paper available Current Knowledge and Research Results for the Design of Flexible Pavements in Senegal

    Meïssa Fall

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