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The current volume of the Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering includes the following papers prepared by distinguished authors in the profession.

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Volume 7, Bundle C - 2002

Paper available Supervision of Piling Works

    Sayeed Ahmed

Paper available Application and Analysis of the Sparse Pile Support for Foundations

    An Guanfeng and K. Yin

Paper available Evaluation of Steel Pipe Pile Length Performance in Sand Based on Load Test Results

    Mohamed Awad

Paper available Deformation Characteristics of Coastal Plain Sands at a Water Treatment Plant Site, Calabar, South-Eastern Nigeria

    Esu Obukho and Abidemi Olujide Ilori

Paper available A Record of Pile Load Test and Ground Improvement within the Coastal Plain Sands, Southeastern Nigeria

    Akwagiobe, Becket, Ilori

A Methodology for Identification of Poroviscoelastic Models of Soft Soil

    Chin Leo

Paper available Safety Concerns in Geotechnical Engineering - 3D Crack Monitoring

    Sudhir Kumar Tewatia and Krishnaswamy Venkatachalam

Paper available Current Knowledge and Research Results for the Design of Flexible Pavements in Senegal

    Me´ssa Fall

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