Behavior of Interacting Parallel Strip Footings

Mien Jao et al.

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering,
Lamar University - Beaumont, TX, USA


The settlement, tilting, and soil plastic yielding behavior of closely spaced parallel strip footings were presented. The results of study were obtained from computer analyses using a finite element computer program. Footings analyzed were both surface and embedded footings with a footing width of 610 mm. The foundation soil was compacted kaolin having cohesion of 158.5 kN/m2 and an internal friction angle of 8.0. Based on the results of the study, it was concluded that footing interaction may cause unsymmetrical plastic yielding of the foundation soil under each footing, footing tilting, and an increase in footing settlement. Both footing settlement and tilt angle decrease with increasing footing spacing. The effect of footing interaction on footing behavior becomes insignificant when the footing spacing approaches six times footing width.

KEYWORDS: Strip Footings, Interaction, Footing Behavior, Footing Settlement, Footing Tilting.

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