Discrete Layer Analysis
of Laterally Loaded Piles

C. Y. Lee

Department of Civil Engineering,
College of Engineering,
Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia


A discrete layer analysis of laterally loaded piles embedded in homogeneous and non-homogeneous soils is presented. The soil mass is divided into uncoupled discrete soil layers. Basically, the formulation of the analysis is similar to the subgrade reaction theory but the response of the discrete soil layers is evaluated by a semi-analytical solution, which is related to the actual soil properties and the pile geometry instead of the conventional subgrade reaction modulus. The non-linear response of the soil around the pile is represented by a simple hyperbolic soil model. The linear elastic solutions computed by the discrete layer and the more rigorous continuum approaches are compared and are found to be in satisfactory agreement. The computed non-linear response of two piles embedded in stiff clay compares favorably with field measurements.

KEYWORDS: laterally loaded piles, discrete layer analysis, linear and non-linear response.


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