A Methodology for Parameter Identification of Poro-Viscoelastic Models of Soft Soil


Chin Jian Leo

Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering and Industrial Design, University of Western Sydney, Sydney, Australia


KangHe Xie

Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang, China



A methodology for identifying the values of the parameters that go into a general linear poro-viscoelastic soil model is presented. Such a model is deemed useful for modeling a consolidating soil with intrinsic time-dependent effects. In the process of developing the identification methodology, the theory of one-dimensional poro-viscoelasticity has been generalized as well as a semi-analytic solution of consolidation in an oedometer test has been developed. The values of the model parameters are regressed using the Levenburg-Marquadt nonlinear regression technique on the basis of fitting the theoretical semi-analytic solutions to the measured oedometer test data. This methodology is generally applicable to any chosen poro-viscoelastic model.

Keywords: Consolidating soil, poro-viscoelasticity, creep, oedometer test