Evaluation of Steel Pipe Pile Length Performance in Sand Based on Load Test Results


Mohamed A. Awad

Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering.
The Islamic University of Gaza. Palestine.
e-mail: mawad@mail.iugaza.edu


The main objective of this research was to study the effect of pile length on total pile resistance driven into dense sandy soil. Axial compression tests were performed on closed-ended steel pipe piles. The calculated resistance’s using American Petroleum Institute method and Alawneh proposed approach are compared with measured pile resistances. A relationship between the volume of displaced soil and ultimate pile resistance is proposed. A selection of five methods of estimating the failure load in pile loading tests is examined. From the results of the study of 15 pile loading tests, a method is proposed for estimating failure loads for driven pile in sandy soil.

Keywords: Pile length, Loading tests, Interpreted ultimate loads, Volume of displaced soil, Sand.

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