A Record of Pile Load Test and Ground Improvement Within the Coastal Plain Sands, Southeastern Nigeria


G. A. Akwagiobe,

Civil Engineer, Cross River State Water Limited, Calabar, Nigeria

J. C. Becket

Project Civil Engineer For SGI consulting


A. O. Ilori

Civil Engineering Department, Federal Airports
Authority of Nigeria, Calabar Airport, Nigeria


A maintained load test was carried out on randomly selected grouted small diameter steel end piles at a water treatment plant site in Calabar, southeastern Nigeria. At a load of 75tons, which is about one and half times the design working load of the pile, settlement value obtained was 3.75mm and 2.95mm for the filter and clarifier respectively. The maximum estimated settlement for the pile group based on Skempton's relation is 37.8mm thus satisfying the designed permissible settlement of 60mm allowed for the structure. Settlement of the structures monitored over eight months indicates values between 6mm to 21mm.

Keywords: Pile foundation, pile load test, settlement


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