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Volume 8, 2003 — Bundle B

Paper available Strength Characteristics of Silty Clay Reinforced with Randomly Oriented Nylon Fibers

    Sanjeev Kumar and Everett Tabor

Paper available The Salt Durability of Some Jordanian Limestones as a Function of Their Petrophysical Properties

    Basem K. Mohammad

Paper available Uplift Capacity of Pile Groups in Sand

    Nihar R. Patra and Prabhakar J. Pise

Paper available Stabilization of Fine-grained Soils by Adding Microsilica and Lime or Microsilica and Cement

    Iman Bagherpour and Asskar J. Choobbasti

Paper available Influence of a Rigid Boundary on the Dynamic Response of a Foundation: An Experimental Investigation

    Anirban Mandal and Dilip K. Baidya

Paper available Impedance Functions of Circular Foundation Resting on Layered Soil Using Cone Model

    Pradip K. Pradhan, Dilip K. Baidya, and Deba P. Ghosh

Paper available Predicting the Behaviour of C.F.A. Piles in Boulder Clay

    Myles Lawler

Paper available Non dimensional Charts for the Design of Laterally Loaded Piles in Sand

    Abdellah Alem and Ahmed Benamar

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