A Contributon to the Analysis of Geotechnical Anchor
Ultimate Capacity


Krešo Ivandic

Senior Assistant, Geotechnical Department, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Božo Soldo

Assistant, University of Zagreb, Varaždin, Croatia


Franjo Veric

Professor, Geotechnical Department, University of Zagreb, Croatia


In this paper the numerical procedure is presented which allows a safe and quick assessment of geotechnical anchor ultimate capacity, obtaining the distribution of all important statical values along the fixed anchor length (force, bond stresses, displacements). The back analysis of the results of measuring the distribution of strains and forces along the anchor was done in order to optimise the choice of anchor zone length. The results of the parameter analysis are meant to show the importance of the correct choice of the bond stress-displacement diagram to achieve the correct value of the anchor ultimate capacity.

Keywords: Geotechnical anchor, ultimate capacity, bond stress, displacement, peak and residual shear strength, yield

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