Non dimensional Charts for the Design of Laterally Loaded Piles in Sand


Abdellah Alem


Ahmed Benamar

Lecturers, University of Le Havre, Department of Civil Engineering,
I.U.T. BP 4006 Le Havre, France.



This paper presents a simple p-y analysis to solve the equations governing laterally loaded pile. This analytical method which is based on the beam-on-elastic-foundation analysis is improved by modeling soil non-linearity. The p-y curve method which is based on subgrade reaction approach, was used to predict the response of piles. Predicted responses by this method are compared with experimental results and both are in good agreement.

This analytical method is used to yield graphical non-dimensional relationships, including load-maximal bending moment in pile, load-lateral deflection and load-rotation at ground level. These non-dimensional charts allow hand calculations and quick verifications in structural design of laterally loaded piles.

Keywords: Pile, lateral load, soil elastic-plastic, reaction, non-linearity, sand, deflection, bending moment, chart.


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