The Salt Durability of Some Jordanian Limestones as a Function of Their Petrophysical Properties


Basem K. Mohammad

Natural Resources & Chemical Engineering Department,
Applied Tafila College, Tafila, Jordan


In order to facilitate the export of Jordanian limestone for use as building stone to the United Kingdom, the stone should have, in addition to a suitable block-size distribution, good durability. As salt weathering is one of the most common type of weathering affecting building stones in the UK, durability is evaluated using the Building Research Establishment's salt crystallisation test. However, as this test takes 3-4 weeks to complete, it would be useful to relate the durability of stone to pore-space properties which can be measured in a much shorter time. The results of the work on 12 Jordanian limestones indicate that the majority of those selected for study are very durable. The parameter with the closest correlation to crystallisation loss (and therefore durability) is modified microporosity (total porosity x microporosity), indicating that this factor may have a controlling influence on the durability of the stone.

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