The Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering


Dr Basem K. Mohammad, the author of

Estimating some Pore-Related Properties of Limestone from Bulk Density and Water Absorption Data

ejge Vol. 7, 2002


The Salt Durability of Some Jordanian Limestones
as a Function of Their Petrophysical Properties

ejge Vol. 8, 2003

Basem K. Moh'd has obtained his first (1980) and second (1985) degrees in geology from the University of Jordan and a PhD in Geomaterials Engineering (1996) from the University of London, UK. In addition to geological mapping, his more than 20 years of experience included: mining geology, mud logging, oil shale exploration, technical editing, construction materials, and teaching.

Since November 2001, Dr. Moh'd has been a lecturer at Tafila College, Balqa Applied University (Jordan) teaching soil and rock mechanics and the following courses to BSc. mining engineering students: surveying, mineralogy/petrology, mineral resources of Jordan, drilling/blasting, slope stability and geostatistics.

One year of postdoctoral research (on the durability of southern Ontario carbonate aggregates) and teaching (the laboratories of earth systems and engineering and mining geophysics courses) was also spent in Windsor University/Canada.

Research interests of Dr. Moh'd include evaluation of carbonates as oil-reservoirs water-aquifers, and construction/industrial materials; geological/geotechnical mapping; pore-space: characterization and effect on physical and engineering properties; and sedimentary geology of Jordan.

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