A Web-based Data Format
for Ground Investigation Data


David Geoffrey Toll


Robert Shields

Geotechnical Systems Group,
School of Engineering,
University of Durham, Durham, DH1 3LE, UK



A language called GeotechML (Geotechnical Mark-up Language) has been developed for exchanging geotechnical data via the World Wide Web. GeotechML is a geotechnical version of XML (Extensible Mark-up Language). The file structure is outlined for GeotechML files containing ground investigation data. It is shown how style sheets can be used to produce different forms of display in a web browser. These have been used to show simple text-based borehole logs and tables of test data. A Java program is also described that can graphically display the contents of a GeotechML file to produce borehole logs, cross-sections and plots of test data. It is suggested that GeotechML is likely to become a standard exchange format for geotechnical data, not only for web-based applications but also for other software applications.

Keywords: GML, GeotechML, XML, borehole logs


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