Performance Prediction of a High Rockfill Embankment Using the Spatial Mobilized Plane Model


Fernando Saboya, Jr.

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering,
State University of Norte Fluminense Darcy Ribeiro, Campos, RJ, Brazil



The difficulties in carrying out laboratory tests on rockfill specimens have been blamed for the lack of more sophisticated analyses of rockfill dams. Although concrete face rockfill dam is considered a very safe type of dam, the necessity of the construction of higher dams calls for a more comprehensive and complex analysis. The constitutive law used herein was developed for granular cohesionless materials and it is found to be suitable for rockfill material. This approach has been applied to analyze the behavior of Segredo, a concrete face rockfill dam in Brazil, with 145m height. The analysis involved both construction and reservoir filling stages and the results are investigated in order to verify the feasibility of the model in predicting the influence of the principal stress rotation and unload stress path on the displacement pattern.

Keywords: rockfill dams, constitutive models, deformation, analysis


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