The Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering
Dr Wang

Mian C. Wang

The co-author of
Evaluation of Tunneling-induced Downdrag on End-bearing Piles ejge 2002
as well as
Behavior of Interacting Parallel Strip Footings ejge 2002
Footing-Induced Soil Pressure around Box Culverts ejge 2003

Dr Mian Wang is a professor at Pennsylvania State University. His primary research interests are Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering-Engineering Soil Properties and Testing; Ground Stabilization and Improvement; Roadway Design and Analysis; Foundation Engineering. More specifically, his research interests are Foundation Stability above Void/Tunnel, Embankment Performance on Soft Ground, Stability of Caisson in Weak Rock under Lateral Loading, Load Transfer Mechanism of Pier-Supported-Mat Foundation, Geotechnical Properties of Permeable Treatment Wall, Application of Acoustic Emission Technique to Seepage Monitoring, and Sonication Effect on Pollutant Extraction from Soils

Dr Mian Wang teaches Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering, Foundation Engineering, Advanced Soil Mechanics I, Engineering Soil Characteristics, Soil Mechanics II, Advanced Foundation Engineering

Mian has received his PhD degree in 1968 at University of California, Berkeley, CA; his M.S. in 1966 at University of California, Berkeley, CA, and his B.S. in 1959 at Chenk Kung University, Taiwan. He has written and presented his work extensively in various journals and conferences.

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Penn State University
212 Sackett Building
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 863-0026 (phone)
(814) 863-7304

More about Dr Mian Wang at Pennsylvania State website.