Load-Deflection Response of Laterally Loaded
Single Pile by Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis


Dilip Kumar Maharaj

Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Group
Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, Rajasthan, India
e-mail:dilip_maharaj@yahoo.com or dkm@bits-pilani.ac.in



In this paper a square pile with square cap embedded in ground and under lateral load has been analysed by three dimensional nonlinear finite element method. The soil has been modelled as an elastoplastic medium by Drucker-Prager Yield Criteria. The cap, pile and soil have been discretized into eight noded isoparametric brick finite elements. Parametric study has been done for load-deflection response of pile under lateral load by varying parameters pile cap thickness, pile cap size and pile length. Based on nonlinear finite element analysis results have been produced for load-deflection.The increase in thickness of pile cap and size of pile cap have been found to increase the lateral load carrying capacity of pile significantly. This is more effective for shorter pile than for longer pile. With increase in length of pile the lateral load carrying capacity of pile cap system as a whole increases. This increase is upto the critical length of pile. The results obtained from the finite element model considered compares well with that reported in literature.

Keywords: Analysis, Nonlinear, Deflection, Cap, Pile


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