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Volume 9, 2004 — Bundle B

Paper available! Simulation of the Blasting Patterns in Shaft Sinking Using a Discrete Element Method

    Frédéric Victor Donzé and Pascal Bernasconi

Paper available! A Percolation Approach to Soil Consolidation

    T. López-Lara, J. B. Hernández Zaragoza, M. L. Pérez Rea and V. M. Castaño

Paper available! Recent Advances in Triaxial Facilities for Soil and Rock Testing

    Pathegama Gamage Ranjith

Paper available! Assessment of Physical Properties of a Granite Residual Soil as an Isolation Barrier

    Md. Humayun Kabir and Mohd Raihan Taha

Paper available! Finite Element Analysis of Strip Type Shell Foundation and Its Interaction

    Dilip K. Maharaj, D. Chandana and S. Madhuri

Paper available! Stabilization and Closure Design of a Salt Mine

    Nasim Uddin

Paper available! Monitoring Degree of Metamorphism in a Four-stage Alteration Process from Pure Limestone to Pure Marble

    Costas Sachpazis

Paper available! Analysis of Axisymmetric Conical Shell Raft Foundation

    Dilip K. Maharaj and Desika P. Lakshmi

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