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The Bundle C of Volume 9 of the Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering includes the following papers. New papers will no longer be added to this bundle as it has been tied.

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Volume 9, 2004 — Bundle C

Paper available A Modified Way of Testing Filters for Clay Cores of Embankment Dams

    Türker Mirata and Tanfer Gürler

Paper available Uplift Capacity of Pile by Finite Element Method

    Dilip K. Maharaj, J. Gayatri, and D. Jayanthi

Paper available Liquefaction Potential Studies in Southern Part of Tehran, Iran

    S. M. Mir M. Hosseini, A. Ghassemi, and B. Arefpour

Paper available Lateral Load Tests on Small Diameter Drilled Piers

    Sanjeev Kumar, Denton Kort, Alyass Hosin, and Say Chong Ng

Paper available Encapsulation of Lead Ions in Sand-Cement-Clay Mixture

    Reyad A. Shawabkeh and Bassam Z. Mahasneh

Paper available Finite Element Analysis for Frame Foundation Soil Interaction

    Dilip K. Maharaj, A. Amruthavalli, and K. Nishamathi

Paper available Interaction of Sheet Pile Quay Walls and the Liquefied Backfill Soils

    S. M. Mir M. Hosseini and A. Mosalmanzadeh

Paper available Pullout Capacity of Anchor Piles

    Nihar R. Patra, Muvunyi Deograthias, and Muyango D. M. James

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