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Volume 9, 2004 — Bundle D

Paper available Evaluation of Near-surface Converted-mode Seismic Reflection Imaging Potential

    Erich D. Guy

Paper available Utilization of Fly Ash in Rural Road Construction in India and its Cost Effectiveness

    Sudip Basak, A. K. Bhattacharya, and Sri L. K. Paira

Paper available Settlement and Bearing Capacity of Shallow Footings in Riyadh Limestone

    H. A. Alawaji

Paper available Miniature Piezocone Test Results in Cohesive Soils

    Dae-Kyu Kim and Mehmet T. Tumay

Paper available Hydro-Compaction of Sand Fills

    Fathi M. Shaqour

Paper available Field Evaluation of Ground Stiffness by Static and Dynamic Tests

    Xiong Yu

Paper available Numerical Parametric Study of Piezocone Penetration in Anisotropically Consolidated Clay

    Lei Wei, Murad Abu-Farsakh, and Mehmet T. Tumay

Paper available Geotechnical Evaluation of a Morning Glory Spillway Failure Founded on Expansive and Dispersive Clay

    Farhat Javed and Muhammad Asghar Nasim

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