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Volume 9, 2004 — Bundle E

Paper available Average Degree of Consolidation in Normally Consolidated Soil Considering the Change of Coefficient of Consolidation with Time

    Suknam Kim and Andrew G. Heydinger

Paper available Performance of Buried HDPE Pipes at Elvated Temperatures

    Hussain A. Alawaji

Paper available A Study on an Active Isolation of Machine Base with Spring Cushion

    Jyant Kumar

Paper available Land Subsidence in Calcutta under the Effect of Hydrogeological Conditions and Over-Extraction of Groundwater

    Amartya K. Bhattacharya, Sudip Basak and Monindra N. Patra

Paper available Prediction of Bearing Capacity of Large Drilled Piles in Nonhomogeneous Soil by Using 3D Finite Element Method

    Alan S. Hoback and Manoch Rujipakorn

Paper available The Role of Plasticity Index in Predicting Compression Behaviour of Clays

    Amit Nath and S. S. DeDalal

Paper available Soil Profile Prediction Using Artificial Neural Networks

    Yousef Nouri, A. Janalizadeh Choobbasti, and Ali Kaveh

Paper available Lateral Earth Pressure due to Backfill Subject to an Inclined Uniformly Distributed Surcharge

    Venanzio R. Greco

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