Three Dimensional Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis to Study the Effect of Raft and Pile Stiffness on the Load-Settlement Behaviour of Piled Raft Foundations


Dilip Kumar Maharaj

Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Group
Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, Rajasthan, India


This paper presents the three dimensional nonlinear finite element analysis of piled raft foundation which is under the application of uniformly distributed load. Load settlement curves of raft and piled raft foundation have been provided for different raft and pile stiffness. The increase in stiffness of pile has been found to increase the load carrying capacity of piled raft foundation and reducing overall settlement upto a limiting value of pile stiffness. There is a specific combination of stiffness of raft and pile in a piled raft foundation beyond which further increase in stiffness of raft and pile neither increases the load carrying capacity nor reduces settlement It has also been found that the pile of known stiffness is more effective in reducing the settlement of flexible raft than the stiff raft. The results obtained from the present 3D finite element model compares well with the result reported in the literature.

Keywords: Analysis, Nonlinear, Settlement, Raft, Pile, Stiffness


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