Geotechnical Evaluation of a Morning Glory Spillway Failure Founded on Expansive and Dispersive Clay


Farhat Javed

Associate Professor, Civil Engineering Department,
National University of  Sciences & Technology, Risalpur Campus, Pakistan


Muhammad Asghar Nasim

Dean Civil Engineering MCE,
National University of Sciences & Technology, Risalpur Campus, Pakistan


Surla dam, an irrigation/storage dam was constructed in 1985 across a small river in Chakwal area of Potohar Plateau of Pakistan. A morning glory spillway structure was constructed on right abutment of the dam for handling excess/flood water. The morning glory lip and upper concrete slabs of glacis and stilling basin are resting on shale type foundation material whereas the lower concrete slabs ofglacis rest on sand stone.

KEYWORDS: Spillway failure, swelling clays, erodable soils, foundation heave

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