Prediction of Bearing Capacity of Large Drilled Piles in Nonhomogeneous Soil by Using 3D Finite Element Method


Alan S. Hoback, Sc. D., PE

Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Department
University of Detroit Mercy, Detroit, MI, USA


Manoch Rujipakorn, D.E.

Lecturer, Rajamongala Institute of Technology
Prathumthanee, Thailand



A 3D finite element analysis method for drilled piles using ABAQUS is presented. Nonlinear analysis of the model is achieved through incorporation of interface elements failure criteria, geotechnical material properties of the elements, and Newton’s method. The analysis method correlates well field load tests, empirical methods, and earlier 2D analyses. The number of expensive pile load tests required in some construction projects will be reduced due to the increased accuracy achieved with this analysis method. Interface elements are used to connect the pile and soil for skin friction and a contact pair at pile tip is used for bearing capacity.

Keywords: drilled piles, finite element analysis method, Nonhomogenous


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