Hydrogeology of the Bay of Bengal Coast of India with Special Emphasis on Saline Water Intrusion


A.K. Bhattacharya, S. Basak, P. Maity,
L.K. Paira, Sankar Sarkar, and S.C. Maji

Department of Applied Mechanics, Bengal Engineering and Science
University, Shibpur, Howrah, India


The geological composition and the rate at which freshwater is being exploited from the aquifers greatly control the intrusion of saline water into the coastal aquifers. The phenomenon is common in the extensive coastal sedimentary deposits and delta of major rivers of the east coast of West Bengal. Extensive work on saline water intrusion and geological formations have been carried out on the Indian coast and several other places. These have guided in making theoretical and practical assumptions that were used for studying and analyzing the data collected from boreholes in the area. The east coast of India was divided into five geological regions from which three hydrogeochemical provinces were created. Methods of controlling saline water intrusion and managing groundwater exploitation in the coastal areas were suggested. The paper equally suggested further studies and research work that can lead to sustainable exploitation/use and management of groundwater resources in coastal areas.

Keywords: groundwater, saline water, geology, India


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