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Volume 10, 2005 — Bundle E

Paper available! Critical State Concepts For A Cemented Gravely Sand

    Amir Hamidi and Seyed Mohsen Haeri

Paper available! Consolidation of Stone-Columned Soils

    Biswajit Acharya and Shambhu P. Dasgupta

Paper available! Prediction of Pore Pressure Development in Earth Dams with Mixed Clay Core During an Earthquake; Case Study: Karkheh Large Embankment Dam, Iran

    Mir M. Hosseini and H. Nasrollahi

Paper available! Groundwater Flow in a Soil with a Weakly-Random Hydraulic Conductivity Field

    Amartya K. Bhattacharya

Paper available! Loading Rate Effects on Pile Groups in Clay

    Abdullah I. Al-Mhaidib

Paper available! Flow Characteristics under Sheet Pile in Anisotropic Porous Soil

    Phanuwat Suriyachat

Paper available! Dynamic Analysis of Pile Foundations: Effects of Material Nonlinearity of Soil

    Bal K. Maheshwari and Hiroyuki Watanabe

Paper available! Strengthening the Soil Engineering Characteristics by Using Anchors During an Earthquake Impact

    Evangelos I. Stavridakis

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