A Comparison of Asphaltic Concrete Core Dams and Asphaltic Lining Dams with Clay Core Dams


S.M. Ali Zomorodian

Department of Water Engineering, University of Shiraz, Shiraz, Iran
E-mail: smazomorod@yahoo.com

Mohammad Charrakh

Department of Civil Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Estahban, Iran


M. Heidarpour

Irrigation Department, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran


Earthfill and rockfill dams with clay core have some problems such as voluminous material in cores. Therefore, they need a long time for construction, and during constructing this type of core moisture and compactibility must be controlled. Besides, clay is sensitive to climate. Other phenomena that may occur in clay core dams are piping and hydraulic fracture.

Due to these problems and for constructing more economical earth dams an alternative approach is developed by substituting clay core with asphaltic concrete core or asphaltic lining. They are mainly used in areas where natural impermeable materials of sufficient quality or quantity are not available.

This research considers presents the advantages of using asphalt in lining dams and in asphaltic concrete core dams. To show the ability of asphalt in dam industry, a comparison is dpne between an asphaltic concrete core dam and an asphaltic lining dam with a clay core dam is done. This comparsion includes seepage and stability analyses. These analyses have been performed by commercially available seepage analysis is done by Ansys software and the stability anlysis by Plaxis software.

Keywords: Asphaltic concrete core, Asphaltic lining, stability, seepage

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