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Volume 11, 2006 — Bundle B

Paper available! High-Resolution P- and S-wave Seismic Reflection Investigation of a Shallow Stratigraphic Sequence

    Erich D. Guy

Paper available! Seepage through Homogenous and Non-Homogenous Earth Dams: Comparison Between Observation and Simulation

    Thamer A. Mohammed et al.

Paper available! Application of SINMAP Terrain Stability Model Along Amman-Jerash-Irbid Highway, North Jordan

    A. El-Naqa and M. Abdelghafoor

Paper available! Effect of Cement Admixtures on the Engineering Properties of Tropical Peat Soils

    Bujang B.K. Huat

Paper available! Liquefaction Occurrence Risk Analysis Considering Site Effect, Tehran South-East Case Study

    Akram Bajelan, Asskar J. Choobbasti, and Amir Hamidi

Paper available! Lime Migration in Pond Ash Deposits Stabilized by Hydrated Lime Columns

    Sudeep K. Chand and Chillara Subbarao

Technical Notes:

Paper available! Appropriate Parameters for Prediction of Compression Index

    K. M. Rao, P. V. S. Reddy, and C. S. Rani

Paper available! Study of Preconsolidation Pressure Values Derived by the Modified Casagrande Method

    Ioannis N. Grammatikopoulos

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