Application of SINMAP Terrain Stability Model Along Amman-Jerash-Irbid Highway, North Jordan


A. El Naqa

Associate Professor, Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment
Hashemite University, Zarqa, Jordan

M. Abdelghafoor

Geologist, Natural Resources Authority, Jordan


Landslides have occurred along the major highways in Jordan, one of which is Amman-Jerash-Irbid highway. SINMAP (Stability Index MAPping) is a GIS methodology that facilitates the assessment of landslide potential at the watershed scale.

The study area was divided into four main sections, where the stability mapping of the first three sections were analyzed using SINMAP model while the fourth section cannot be analyzed as there are no landslides recorded in this section. A Digital Elevation Model (DEM) was prepared for the entire study area. Landslides locations have been recorded using GPS to establish landslide source areas inventory.

Several grid themes resulted from the SINMAP analysis containing saturation themes and stability index themes for each section. The statistical and analytical results indicated that the "Unstable" stability class encountered in the three sections of the highway includes 39 landslides or 79% of the total inventory. At the same time, this class comprises 233 kmē or 81.3% of the total area.

Keywords: Earth dam, Homogenous, non-homogenous, seepage, phreatic surface

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