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Volume 12, 2007 — Bundle C

Paper available! Buckling Behavior of Partially Embedded Concrete Piles in Sand

    P. Senthil Kumar

Paper available! Prediction of Liquefaction Potential in Soils Using Neural Network Method

    Sadjad Hosseini

Paper available. An Empirical Correlation Between Different Dynamic Penetrometers

    Giovanni Spagnoli

Paper available! Empirical Strength and Stiffness Models for a Composite Rock of Weathered Sandstone and Shale Components

    Zainab Mohamed, K. Mohamed, and H. Awang

Paper available! A Fracture Mechanics Stability Analysis of a Rock Slope with a Tensile Crack

    Chih-Hao Chen and Chein-Lee Wang

Paper available! A Coulomb-type Solution for Backfills under a Line of Inclined Surcharge

    Venanzio R. Greco

Paper available! Elasto-Plastic Modeling of Saturated and Non-Saturated Residual Soil with Parameters Optimization

    Joćo Paulo Laquini

Paper available! Development of Failure Criterion for Partially Saturated Cohesive Soils

    Hadi Ahmadi, Mahyar Arabani, and Farzin Kalantary

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