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Volume 12, 2007 Bundle D

Paper available! Soft Rock Geo-Characterization Technique and its Significant Behavior in Tropical Climate

    Zainab Mohamed

Paper available! Effect of Stress History on the Volume Change Behavior of Unsaturated Residual Soil

    Bujang B. K. Huat, Faisal Hj. Ali and F.H. Choong

Paper available! Effects of chemicals on compacted clay liner

    Sanjeev Singh and Arun Prasad

Paper available! Modeling of the Mechanical Behavior of Untreated Granular Materials

    Bachir Melbouci, El-Mahdi Meghlat and Malek Cherchar

Abstract available! The geotechnical and mechanical properties of three Tunisian clayey soils destined for acidic waste storage: comparative study

    Hamdi Noureddine

Paper coming up! Soil-roots Composite: Correlation Between Shear Strength and Some Plant Properties

    Faisal Haji Ali and Normaniza Osman

Abstract available! Local Site Effects Using Elasto-Plastic Constitutive Model

    Pedram Heidarzadeh Azar and Asskar Janalizadeh Choobbasti

Paper available! Experimental Investigation of Pile Group under Lateral Cyclic Load in Layered Soil

    Sudip Basack

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