Geo-Engineering Data: Representation and Standardisation



David Geoffrey Toll

School of Engineering, Durham University, UK


The paper addresses current issues of representation of geo-engineering data using XML (eXtensible Markup Language) and the evolution of data standards in this field. Suggestions are made for ways to bring greater consistency to the common areas of the schemata that have been proposed, particularly focussing on ground investigation or “borehole” data.

It is proposed that “Borehole” should be the agreed name for a borehole/hole used to identify soil or rock strata that can be represented as Intervals and that “Interval” should be the agreed name for a soil or rock layer that can be defined by a top and base depth in a one dimensional borehole. A set of tags is proposed to represent the properties of “Borehole” and “Interval” objects.

Keywords: geo-engineering data; extensible markup language (XML); data exchange; World Wide Web.

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