Characterisation and Classification of the Physical Deterioration of Tropically Weathered Kenny Hill Rock for Civil Works

Zainab Mohamed

Assoc.Prof, Faculty of Civil Engineering. UiTM

Abd Ghani Rafek

Assoc. Prof, Faculty Science and Technology. UKM

Ibrahim Komoo

Professor, Faculty Science and Technology. UKM



An appreciation to the concept of rock weathering is vital for engineer in order for him to achieve sustainability in design and construction of geotechnical structure in tropical environment. The study is to characterize and classify the physical deterioration of tropically weathered Kenny hill weak rock. The objective is to demonstrate the significant influence of tropical rock weathering in civil engineering works. A Kenny Hill formation is one of the typical sedimentary rock formation widely found within the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur and Klang valley, which is dominated by interbedding of sandstone, siltstone and shale. A study has been carried out to quantify the mode of physical deterioration of this rock materials as a unit rock mass. An engineering field mapping and series of laboratory index tests were conducted to quantify deterioration of the rock materials. Sandstone and shale characterisation by hardness, texture, jar slake and slake durability were carried out followed by a point load test. From the comprehensive study it can be summarised that the method of engineering characterisation of tropically weathered sandstone and shale are best to be carried out using test procedures that required the least sample preparation. Results showed the outcome of a systematic research design approach has successfully quantified the physical deterioration of tropically weathered Kenny Hill weak rock .Comparatively , it was found that the extreme differences in the physical deterioration and durability of sandstone and shale characteristics has resulted to the complex geotechnical problems frequently encountered by civil engineer working in tropically weathered Kenny Hill formation.

Keywords Kenny Hill formation, Weak rock , Tropical Weathering, Physical deterioration.

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