Geotechnical Characteristics of Soft Lake Marl with Preload Test Results


Mark R. Muszynski, P.E.

Geotechnical Engineer, Gosling Czubak Engineering Sciences, Inc.,
1280 Business Park Dr., Traverse City, Michigan


Charles D. Brumbaugh, P.E.

Manager of Geotechnical and Materials Testing Services,
Gosling Czubak Engineering Sciences, Inc.
1280 Business Park Dr., Traverse City, Michigan



This paper describes the compressibility and consolidation characteristics of lake marl using both laboratory testing and a field preload test to predict the short term and long term settlement behavior on a residential development site. An estimate of primary consolidation settlement was made based on laboratory test results and later compared with the field preload test settlements. Secondary compression settlement predictions were made for the site based on the laboratory test results. Practical engineering assumptions about the lake marl and a reliability analysis, using the laboratory and field data gained to help predict settlement and strength, are discussed. Considerations related to developing grading and preloading recommendations are identified.

KEYWORDS: lake marl; consolidation; compressibility; soft soil; soft ground engineering.

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