An Empirical Correlation Between Different Dynamic Penetrometers


Giovanni Spagnoli

TREVI S.p.A. Technical department Stans (Austria)
Stanser Au 3 Baulos H4-3. Tel. +43(0)5242 7123328


Dynamic penetration testing is certainly the oldest of geotechnical in situ tests and it was invented to investigate mechanical soil characteristics and to design engineering work. It is largely used to design prefabricated pile foundations, since the drive model is analogous. From the literature it is known that there is a great variety of kinds and characteristics of the dynamic penetrometers; but a number of countries follow the German standards (DIN) and, therefore, they use equipment with identical characteristics. Yet there donít exist correct correlations between the results of penetration testing and soil mechanical parameters; moreover, there are no correlations between the results obtained from different penetrometers. This paper is an attempt to provide fundamental information comparing the super heavy Italian penetrometer Meardi AGI and the German heavy SRS.

Keywords: SPT, dynamic penetration test, Meardi AGI, SRS, rods, skin friction, correlation

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