Factor of Safety of a Slope Subjected to Seismic Load


Agrahara Krishnamoorthy

Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal–576104 Karnataka, India
Email: moorthymit@yahoo.com


A procedure to obtain the factor of safety of the slope subjected to seismic load is developed. The stresses in the soil due to static (self weight) and dynamic load are obtained using finite element method. The critical slip surface and factor of safety is obtained using a Monte Carlo technique. The applicability of the analysis is demonstrated by analyzing a 1:1 slope when it is subjected to dynamic load due to El Centro earthquake and a harmonic ground acceleration. It is concluded from the study that the method of determining the factor of safety is simple. The proposed method can be used to obtain the factor of safety of slope and deformation of the slope. Editor’s Note: By the term El Centro Earthquake, what is meant in this paper is the El Centro record of 1940 Imperial Valley earthquake.

Keywords: slope stability; factor of safety; finite element analysis; El Centro earthquake; sinusoidal ground acceleration

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