A New Approach for the Electrical Resistance of Compacted Soils


Ali Firat Çabalar

Geotechnical Engineering Division,
Department of Civil Engineering, University of Gaziantep, Turkey
cabalar@gantep.edu.tr or a_cabalar@yahoo.com


The study describes a relationship of compacted soils and electrical resistance by a geometrical model. From an overview made of the previous studies dealing with the compaction measurement by electrical properties, a mathematical approach that is based on numerical integration of the conventional compaction mould is proposed. A right-circular cylinder having ‘h’ height and ‘r’ radius is modeled by perpendicular slices to the r-axis. Following the assumption of evenly traveling of electrical current among the path described in r-diameter circulars, the method of slicing has been applied. Results of the study look encouraging as compacted soil characteristics could be measured using an alternative approach.

Keywords: soil, compaction, electrical resistance

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