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Volume 13 [2008] Bundle B 13C

Table of Contents

Volume 13, 2008 — Bundle C

Ready! Seismic Behavior of Zoned Core Embankment Dam

    R. Ziaie Moayed and M.F. Ramzanpour

Ready! The Effects of Urmieh Lake Salt Water on the Proctor Compaction and CBR Test Results of Well Graded Gravel-Sand Mixed With Clay (GSCW) Soil Samples

    M. Reza Emami Azadi

Ready! Friction Pile Capacity in Soft, Fine-Grained Soils: Two Case Studies

    Mark R. Muszynski and Charles D. Brumbaugh

Ready! Experimental Investigation on Monotonic Shearing of Clay under Different of Initial Principal Stress Orientations

    Ying Nie, Mao-tian Luan, Xiao-wei Tang, Yang Qing, and Qi Shao (*)

Ready! Evaluation of Stability of Seabed around Submarine Pipeline under Seismic Loading

    Xiao-ling Zhang, Mao-tian Luan, and Ying Guo (*)

Ready! Influence of Polypropylene Fibers on Engineering Behavior of Soil-Fly Ash Mixtures for Road Construction

    Pradip D. Jadhao, and P. B. Nagarnaik

Ready! Experimental Study on the Behaviour of Buried Flexible Plastic Pipe

    R. Rajkumar, and K. Ilamparuthi

(*) From now on, Chinese names may be written in the reverse order as family name (surname) first, (given) name last.

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