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Volume 13 [2008] Bundle C 13D

Table of Contents

Volume 13, 2008 — Bundle D

Ready! Effect of Fines Content on the Behavior of Mixed Samples of a Sand

    Ali Fırat Çabalar

Ready! Lateral Bearing Capacity of Piles in Cohesive Soils Based on Soils' Failure Strength Control

    R. Ziaie Moayed, Arash Judi and B. Khadem Rabe

Ready! Landfill Interface Study on Liner Member Selection for Stability

    Saravanan Mariappan, Masashi Kamon, Faisal Haji Ali, Takeshi Katsumi, and Tomoyuki Akai

Ready! Swell Characteristics of Natural and Treated Compacted Clays

    Mohammed Shukri Al-Zoubi

Ready! Using Neural Networks for Prediction of Some Properties of Fly Ash

    Sarat Kumar Das and Akshaya Kumar Sabat

Ready! Experimental Research on Crack Propagation and Failure in Rock-type Materials under Compression

    Li Qiang, Yang Qing, Jing-chao Jia, and Liu Hong-liang (*)
    (*)"Family-name first, given name last" order

Ready! Kinematic and Block Theory Applications to Rock Slope Stability Analysis at Fraser’s Hill Pahang Malaysia

    Wangsa Adinata Haswanto and Rafek Abd-Ghani

Technical Note:

Ready! A Simple Chart for Drainage Blanket Design

    Belkacem Messaid and Abderrahmane Boudoukha

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