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Volume 13, 2008 — Bundle E

Ready! Response of Suction Distribution to Rainfall Infiltration in Soil Slope

    Nurly Gofar, Lee Min, and Azman Kassim

Coming up! Single Pile Simulation and Analysis Subjected to Lateral Load

    Jasim M. Abbas, Zamri Hj Chik, and Mohd Raihan Taha

Ready! Finite Element Analysis of Active Isolation of Deep Foundation in Clayey Soil by Rectangular Trenches

    Mehrab Jesmani, M. Reza Shafie, and Reza SadeghiVileh

Ready! Slope Assessment Systems: A Review and Evaluation of Current Techniques Used for Cut Slopes in the Mountainous Terrain of West Malaysia

    Harwant Singh, Bujang B.K. Huat, and Suhaimi Jamaludin

Ready! Engineering Properties of Stabilized Tropical Peat Soils

    Sadek Deboucha, Roslan Hashim, and Abubakar Alwi

Ready! An Assessment of Earthquake Hazard in Gaziantep, Turkey

    Ali Fırat Çabalar

Ready! Enhancing the Stability of Fine Grained Soil Using Biological Approach

    Aly Ahmed and Iftikhar Hussain

Ready! Design of Lining of Tunnels Excavated in Soil and Soft Rock

    Massoud Palassi and Mohammad M. Mohebbi

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