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Volume 13, 2008 — Bundle H

Ready! Effective Stress and Complex Soil Settlement Behaviour

    Md. Noor M.J., Mat. Jidin R. and Hafez M.A.

Ready! Stabilisation of Peat by Deep Mixing Method: A critical review of the state of practice

    Md. Shahidul Islam and Roslan Hashim

Ready! Measurements to characterize discontinuities of quarry faces of chalk “Monte Tondo” in Riolo Terme (Italy) through terrestrial 3D laser scanning method and to compare them at survey techniques data traditional

    Luciano Blois

Ready! Failure of the I-Wall Flood Protection Structures at the New Orleans Lower 9th Ward During Hurricane Katrina

    Robert Bea and Diego Cobos-Roa

Ready! Model Studies on Geosynthetic Reinforced Double Layer System with Pond Ash Overlain by Sand

    Goutam K. Pothal and G. Venkatappa Rao

Ready! Hydraulic Conductivity and Shear Strength of Dune Sand - Bentonite Mixtures

    M. K. Gueddouda, M. Lamara, N. Aboubaker, and S. Taibi

Ready! Upper Bound Analysis of Bearing Capacity of Three-Dimensional Rectangular Footing

    Qi-yi Zhang

Ready! The Behavior of a Limy Cemented Gravely Sand Under Static Loading-Case Study of Tehran Alluvium

    S. M. Haeri, A. Seiphoori, and A. Rahmati

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