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Volume 13, 2008 — Bundle J

Ready! Geological Engineering investigations in situ and Geotechnical Engineering solutions to support the realization of the third lot of the Water Treatment Plant in Calabar, Nigeria

    Luciano Blois

Ready! Analysis of Laterally Loaded Pile in Layered Soils

    Rongqing Li and Jinxin Gong

Ready! The Effect of Geotextile and Grading on the Bearing Ratio of Granular Soils

    S. A. Naeini and M. Mirzakhanlari

Ready! Investigating the Effects of Basal Reinforcement on the Critical Slip Circle Parameters of an Embankment on Soft Ground: A Parametric Study

    Abrahams Mwasha

Ready! The Effects of Urmieh Salt Water on the CBR Test Results of GSCW and GSBW Soil Samples

    M.Reza Emami Azadi, Mahmoud Sadein, Kaveh Jafari, and Sanaz Jajani

Ready! Peat Soil Stabilization, using Ordinary Portland Cement, Polypropylene Fibers, and Air Curing Technique

    Behzad Kalantari and Bujang B. K. Huat

Ready! Pullout Behavior of Geogrid in Red Clay and the Prediction of Ultimate Resistance

    Xiaojing Feng, Qing Yang and Shoulong Li

Ready! Properties of Stabilized Peat by Soil-Cement Column Method

    Roslan Hashim and Md. Shahidul Islam

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