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Volume 13, 2008 — Bundle K

Ready! Three-Dimensional Seepage Effects at Three New Orleans Levee Breaches During Hurricane Katrina

    Diego Cobos-Roa and Robert Bea

Ready! Mechanical and Hydraulic Behavior of Cut off-Core Connecting Systems in Earth Dams

    Zakaria Zoorasna, Amir Hamidi, and Ali Ghanbari

Ready! Effect of Pozzolanic Process on the Strength of Stabilized Lime Clay

    Hafez M. A., Sidek, N. and M. Noor M. J.

Ready! Effect of Metal Fibers on Clayey Soils

    Amir Kalhor

Ready! The Influence of Facing Stiffness on the Performance of Geogrid Reinforced Retaining Walls

    Xiao-jing Feng, Qing Yang, Shou-long Li, and Mao-tian Luan

Ready! Effect of Waste Polymer Materials on Shear Strength of Unsaturated Clays

    S. A. Naeini and S. M. Sadjadi

Ready! Failure Mode of Foundation under Combined Loadings

    Qi-yi Zhang

Ready! Numerical homogenization of a fractured rock mass: A geometrical approach to determine the mechanical Representative Elementary Volume

    Michel Chalhoub and Ahmad Pouya

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