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Volume 14, 2009 — Bundle B

Ready! Precast Stabilized Peat Columns to Reinforce Peat Soil Deposits

    Behzad Kalantari and Bujang B.K. Huat

Ready! Dynamic Properties of Various Plasticity Clays

    Ali Fırat Çabalar

Ready! First Evaluation of Soil Erosion and Sediment Delivery in the High Part of the Tevere Watershed

    Alberto Leombruni, Luciano Blois, and Marco Mancini

Ready! Swarm Intelligence Based Inverse Model for Characterization of Groundwater Contaminant Source

    Tadikonda Venkata Bharat, Puvvadi V. Sivapullaiah, and Mehter M. Allam

Ready! Effects of Non-Plastic Fines on the Behavior of Loose Sand—An Experimental Study

    Rajeev Gupta and Ashutosh Trivedi

Ready! Initial Surmises from a Field Study of Suction Behaviour of Tropical Unsaturated Residual Soils

    Harwant Singh, Bujang B. K. Huat, Faisal Ali, and S. Mariappan

Ready! Friction Pile Capacity in Soft, Fine-Grained Soils: Two Case Studies

    Mark R. Muszynski, and Charles D. Brumbaugh

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