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Volume 14, 2009 — Bundle D

Ready! A Study of the Weathering of the Seremban Granite

    Vahed Ghiasi, Husaini Omar, and Bujang K. Huat

Ready! Site Specific Ground Response Analyses at Delhi, India

    Hanumantha Rao Chappidi and G. V. Ramana

Ready! Soil-Structure Interaction of High-rise Building Resting on Soft Soil

    Mao-guang Yue and Ya-yong Wang

Ready! Evaluation of Drying and Wetting Cycles with Soil Cushion to Mitigate the Potential of Expansive Soil in Upper Egypt

    Aly Ahmed

Ready! Identification of Mixed Soil Characteristics by Application of Laboratory Test

    Abdoullah Namdar

Ready! Research on the Effect of Rainfall Infiltration on the Health of Accumulation Slope by Field Monitoring

    Guo, Feng and Fu, Helin

Ready! Utilization of Industrial Waste in Flexible Pavement Construction

    DSV Prasad, GVR Prasada Raju, and M. Anjan Kumar

Ready! Tension Stress Analysis for Geocell with Different Modulus

    Qu, Cheng-zhong

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