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Volume 14, 2009 — Bundle E

Ready! Experimental Study on Permeability of Unsaturated Remolded Clay

    Ling-xia Gao, Mao-tian Luan, and Qing Yang

Ready! Capacity of a Drilled Shaft in Mid-Atlantic Region

    M. Sahadat Hossain, Victor Omelchenko, M. Adil Haque, and Jubair Hossain

Ready! Investigating Time Dependent Behaviour of Reinforced and Unreinforced Embankment Built on Soft Soil Capped with Crust Using Slope Stability Software

    Abrahams Mwasha

Ready! Experimental Study about the Influence of Initial Water Content in Wet tamping Method on Static Triaxial Test Results of Silt

    Ying Guo and Yue-xin Wang

Ready! Comparative Study of Methods of Determination of Coefficient of Subgrade Reaction

    Jamshid Sadrekarimi and Maryam Akbarzad

Ready! Risk Assessment at Abandoned Tin Mine in Sungai Lembing, Pahang, Malaysia

    Fares Yahya Alshaebi et al.

Ready! A Numerical Method for Critical Buckling Load for the Beam Supported on Elastic Foundation

    Guo-ping Xia and Zhe Zhang

Ready! Analysis of the Excavated Disturbance Effect of High Cut Slope in Completely Weathered State under Different Moisture Contents

    Fu Helin, Li Changyou, and Shen Hong

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