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Volume 14, 2009 Bundle H

Ready! Misleading of the Stiffness Degradation Curve from Monotonic Loading Test

    Supot Teachavorasinskun and Pulpong Pongvithayapranu

Ready! Effect of Particle Size and Confining Pressure on Breakage and Strength Parameters of Rockfill Materials

    Ashok Kumar Gupta

Ready! Design and Limitations of Using Limited Life Geotextiles

    Abrahams Mwasha

Ready! Determining Optimal Thrust Force of EPB Shield Machine by Analytical Solution

    Zichang Shangguan, Shouju Li, and Maotian Luan

Ready! Deflection Analysis for Geocell with Different Tensile and Compressive Modulus

    Qu, Cheng-zhong

Ready! Study on Suction in Unsaturated Soils with Overlapping Meniscus in Pore Water and Pore Air Phases

    Shun-qun Li, Ying-hong Wang, and Ling-xia Gao

Ready! Investigation on Geotextile Behavior under Railway Embankment

    Morteza Esmaeili, S. Ebrahimi, and Behnaz Sanei Moghaddam

Coming soon! Electrokinetic Remediation of Cadmium Contaminated Soil Using Zero-Valant Iron Particles

    Mahesh Rawat

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