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Ready! Numerical Analysis on Initial Cracking Load of Wing Crack Based on Extended Finite Element Method

    Qing Yang and Chao Wang

Ready! Comparison between Static and Dynamic Laboratory Compaction Methods

    Hafez M.A., Norbaya S. and Doris Asmani

Ready! The Stabilization of Loess by Chemical Additives for Road Base

    Sirichai Huangjing and Watcharin Gasaluck

Ready! Harmony Search Algorithm for Probabilistic Analysis of Earth Slope

    Mohammad Khajehzadeh, Mohd. Raihan Taha and Ahmed El-Shafie

Ready! Cement Stabilization of Igumale Shale Lime Admixture for Use as Flexible Pavement Construction Material

    Manasseh Joel and Isaac O. Agbede

Ready! Crack Propagation in Gypsum Board Containing Pre-existing Cracks under Compression

    Shi-bin Tian, Qing Yang, Kai Zhang, and Yuan-jun Liu

Ready! Compressibility and Undrained Behavior of Hormuz Calcareous Sand

    Yasser Dehnavi, Habib Shahnazari, Hossein Salehzadeh, and Reza Rezvani

Ready! Experimental Studies of Horizontal Square Anchor Plates in Cohesionless Soil

    Hamed Niroumand, Khairul Anuar Kassim and Ramli Nazir


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